Hi, I’m Nebe!

The idea of skin tone plasters first came to me in a supermarket aisle in Stockholm. As a new mother of a two-month-old, I had recently become hyperaware of my surroundings. That day, I noticed a dark-skinned gentleman with a beige plaster on his forehead. I felt puzzled. ’Why isn’t the plaster adapted to his skin tone?’ But it was after doing some research that I uncovered the real question: ’Why should a skin-toned plaster be so difficult to find?’ I decided to do something about it.

Teint was born to bring products to the world that serve the 7+ billion people in it. And this little box is just the beginning.

Happy healing,
Nebe, Founder

“Don’t find customers for your products,
find products for your customers”

This quote couldn’t describe better what Teint is. The energy coming out of our meeting rooms is intense, our whiteboards are filled with ideas, our notebooks scribbled with designs and our minds filled with goals. All this to accomplish our vision: Designing sustainable products adapted to a diverse society. Easy to say, hard to do.

The skin tone adapted plasters is just one of a very long list of products that needs to be redesigned to cater for the diversity of our society.

Like any start-up founder, you have no clue what you are doing and you quickly realise that you need hell of a team to achieve the vision. At our prototype stage, we already had an amazing product, working together with Sweden’s best structural designer at Göteborgstryckeriet – we spent several months creating an outstanding user experience. Our requirements were simple: Make products distinct from everything else on the market.

We may not all look the same, but we
are equally clumsy

It is very difficult to think out of the “usual box” – everything comes in squares or rectangles. So we decided to follow the natural flow of our product when held in your hand and build the design around it. And there it was, we cracked the nut, we saw a very clear pattern shaped: a triangle.

We were looking for an exceptional graphic design to reflect the awesome construction of the package. One day, Nebe was passing by a design agency, she just popped in and showed the package, one thing led to another, we clicked. Kina Giesenfeld had become part of the team. Beyond the intellectual connection, there was also a human connection where everything naturally flowed between the new partners.

Today, Teint is established in 3 continents, 3 offices, more than 10 different nationalities, all in less than a year.

This is just the beginning of our journey to create the world's new industry of inclusive consumer products.

Thoughts? Ideas? Lets chat!